Intervention Consulting

Dispute Resolution

This service addresses community groups, businesses, educational institutions, government bodies, and individuals looking for conflict and bullying prevention services.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

This service targets community groups, businesses, schools, government bodies, family units, and individuals that require immediate assistance / intervention in conflict situations.

Dispute System Design

Dispute System Design

Resolution System Design™ is our most progressive package. Systems are assessed and redesigned to reduce unhealthy conflict and create healthy conflict mechanisms.

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Aaron Leakey, Conflict Resolution Consultant


Aaron Leakey is the proprietor of ResolveBC, holding a BA, MDIV in theology, and is candidate for an MA in dispute resolution. His background is in social work, non-profit, and community organizations, where he participated in anti-bullying initiatives, trainings, and seminars. ...

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ResolveBC's Solutions to Conflict


ResolveBC is a social enterprise, operating as an industry forerunner in providing creative conflict prevention and resolution services in British Columbia. Dispute is an ever-present and intractable reality, yet in great need of professional, intelligent, and holistic service. At ResolveBC we frame conflict in a whole-system context, looking at a variety of factors that participate in the specific event....

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