Facing conflict situations“Where are we going and how are we going to get there”. This question is a life question, relevant to road trips, self-discovery, and ontology (the nature of being). Underlying every scenario in life, every situation, are multiple experiences of conflict. Unavoidable, although we often try, day-to-day conflict requires our constant emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. If we avoid it, we might slip into passive lethargy, if we engage it, we risk rocking the boat and unsettling the calm, however miserable it may be.

Facing conflict is an invitation to the unknown. No doubt, many of us prefer the safety and security of harmful relationships, unpleasant workplaces, and archaic systems; at least we are familiar with them, no? Entering into conflict is entering into the unknown, the expansive black hole of nothingness, uncertainty, where outcomes are undetermined and rigidness is challenged. Once again we say we don’t know who we are or where we are going, any longer. The old way of being, being itself, is misrepresented by the un-rocked boat, even though life in and around us is persistent in our evolution. Courageously, with all the courage of selfhood expressed truthfully, wherein we cease to hide, we then appear in a way we recognize. Do we dare risk this process of leaving the safe and familiar, to explore the new frontier of the unknown, and yes, rock the boat?

Dare to Rock the Boat