ResolveBC’s Mandate

The vision of ResolveBC is to provide low-barrier, cost-effective conflict resolution services for residents of British Columbia. Dispute Resolution is a new and evolving field that focuses on strategies, techniques, and system designs that manage, prevent, and resolve conflict.   It uses the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) spectrum of options, such as negotiation, circle processes, and mediation, favoring options that are least expensive and time efficient. The scope of service includes workplace conflict, bullying, neighborhood disputes, family and community conflict. ResolveBC offers additional services, such as behavioral consulting, conflict coaching, workplace health workshops, collaborative processes, and preventative strategies. ResolveBC introduces dispute system design (DSD), where conflict management systems are designed for government and corporate institutions that handle a high volume of complaints. Ultimately, ResolveBC seeks to provide affordable and inexpensive conflict resolution services that improve quality of life, foster relational wholeness, and engender diversity in community.

Aaron-Leakey-AboutAaron Leakey

BA, MDIV, MADR Candidate

Aaron Leakey holds an MDIV in theology, and is completing his MA in Dispute Resolution at University of Victoria with a thesis titled: “The State of Complaint Processes in BC Local Governments”. He has seven years of experience in the social work and mental health field, during which he specialized in reducing violence spectrum behavior among youth and young adults who are transitioning to adulthood. Aaron volunteers with Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA) as a mediator, and recently designed their victim-sensitive policy and practice so that it is consistent with new, BC-wide, voluntary practice standards for RJ organizations.  Currently, Aaron works as public training and education coordinator at Mediate BC, with a set mandate to build public capacity in dispute resolution. Through ResolveBC, Aaron offers a spectrum of conflict resolution options that focus on capacity building in dispute resolution, thus empowering individuals to navigate the tumultuous waters of conflict with confidence.