ResolveBC’s Mandate

The vision of ResolveBC is to create Wayfinders of conflict resolution—persons, organizations, and businesses that can navigate the waves, winds, and unexpected storms of conflict.

To do so, ResolveBC provides dispute resolution services to governments, individuals, non-profit organizations, and corporations in British Columbia. ResolveBC’s approach is innovative and research-based, and includes three key components. First, ResolveBC takes a big picture view of the conflict and designs interventions that prevent, manage, and resolve conflict. Second, ResolveBC empowers organizations, individuals, and groups by teaching and training in conflict resolution. Third, ResolveBC designs resolutions that achieve “justice” in a way that is satisfying for all parties involved.

ResolveBC offers a variety of conflict resolution services, including facilitation, coaching, workshops, circle processes, dispute system design, and policy development.

Aaron Leakey

B.A., MDiv, MAdr, Cert. FMC, Cert. Med JIBC

Aaron Leakey completed a Masters of Dispute Resolution (MAdr) at the University of Victoria and a Masters in Divinity (Mdiv) at Regent College in Vancouver, BC. He is a Family Justice Counsellor with the designation Provincial Trainer with the BC Ministry of Attorney General, and is certified as a Family Relations Mediator through Family Mediation Canada. Aaron recently completed a study titled “The Status of Complaint Systems in BC Local Governments” and presented his findings at a 2018 conference titled “Co-constructing Justice” in Victoria, BC. Aaron is a speaker and trainer in dispute resolution to organizations, governments, businesses, and non-profit groups across British Columbia. He is passionate about the theory and practice of Dispute System Design (DSD), and ensuring that justice systems deliver “justice” to citizens in British Columbia. In addition, Aaron is a skilled conflict resolution practitioner with expertise in high-conflict mediation, using narrative, transformative, and interest-based styles. Aaron enjoys winter, reading and writing, the joy of his nieces and nephews, and outdoor life in BC.