Conflict Prevention ConsultingTools to Improve Conflict Capacity

This service package is for those in need of confidential, 1-1 professional assistance while managing conflict. It is relevant to those in situations of bullying, family conflict, or workplace conflict, who desire to learn conflict skills, develop resilience, and live comfortably in the midst of dispute.

Service Option:
  • Advocacy: ResolveBC takes on an advocacy role, providing third party intervention
  • Coaching: individualized training, support, and professional advice
  • Anti-Bullying: Learn strategies to prevent, cease, and intervene in situations of bullying
  • Develop Resilience: Learn coping strategies and stress-management techniques
  • Community Coaching: A conflict tools seminar with your community
  • ADR Processes: group circles, mediation, and restorative justice processes
  •  HR Retainer Support: a ResolveBC consultant will remain available to the workplace or community group on an ongoing basis