System Design

System Design to Deal with Conflict

Looking to reduce the cost of conflict? Looking to deal with a high volume of complaints or disputes?

ResolveBC undertakes a stakeholder consultation process, works with Human Resources and organizational leaders to create a Conflict Management System.

A Conflict Management System offers a pathway for individuals in conflict inside or external to an organization, with options that prevent, manage, and resolve conflict.

The goal of a Conflict Management System is to achieve “justice,” that is, an outcome that is satisfying to all involved parties.

A Conflict Management System is cost-saving for organizations, by avoiding the need for legal services, proving efficient complaint handling, and exhausting low-cost, collaborative conflict resolution options first.

Key features of a Conflict Management System include: Access Points, Policy Development, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes, Data Collection, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) technology, Training, and Self-Resolution Resources.

ResolveBC follows a research-based five-stage design process. Contact ResolveBC for a free, 1-hour presentation on Designing a Conflict Management System.