Intervention ConsultingTools to Resolve Conflict

This service provides immediate intervention for families, community groups, small businesses, workplaces, and institutions in conflict. Utilizing tools from the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) spectrum, the processes are intended to provide relief for persons, businesses, and organizations in conflict.

Service Options:
  • Interest-Based Negotiation / Mediation: A facilitated conversation headed by an ADR professional
  • Workplace Intervention: Investigation, 1-1 meetings, and working with HR and management in situations of workplace conflict
  • Anti-Bullying Intervention: ResolveBC investigates and skillfully intervenes in cases of bullying, harassment, and aggression
  • Behavioral Intervention: Work with ResolveBC to develop an positive behavioral support plan
  • Family / Community Intervention: For families and communities who require weekly, ongoing support and conflict strategies
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes: ResolveBC can mediate landlord and tenant disputes
  • Neighbourhood Disputes: Invite ResolveBC to provide intervention strategies to ongoing neighbour-neighbour or community conflict
  • Workplace Training: In conflict resolution, alternative resolution, interest-based negotiation, anti-bullying, and culture
  • HR / Staff Training: internal training for HR and office managers
  • 1-to-1¬†Staff Support: confidential support and coaching for staff
  • Youth Workshop Series: youth prevention initiatives focused on creative, modern, workshops and information series, to address bullying at school
  • Curriculum Development: develop a custom curriculum for workplace, school or community education initiative