Wayfinders relation to ResolveBCWayfinders, as described by UBC Professor and archeologist Wade Davis, are Polynesian sea navigators whose mastery of the Pacific Ocean is unrivaled. Without the help of longitude, compasses, or GPS, they relied on initiation, ancient knowledge, and subtle earth signs to sail far out to sea. Their knowledge of the ever-changing and at times dangerous waters was an art and skill that eventually became an automatic response.

The Polynesian seamen provide a metaphor, the imagery of Wayfinders encompasses the shape and direction of ResolveBC. In a metaphor, the waters of conflict are unpredictable, intrepid, and shifting, navigation requires holistic attention and skillset, wherein knowledge is transformed into wisdom. An expert Wayfinder ventures into the unknown seas, with discretional skills to handle the high waters with confidence, with attention to the entirety (whole context) of factors. The venture is risky, however, the product of conflict is rewarding; capable of transforming personal and communal lives, reimaging relationships, and leaving behind anchored (“safe”) ways. ResolveBC is guide to future dispute Wayfinders, providing services that allow individuals, groups, and businesses to courageously navigate the even-shifting rhythms, face the challenges, and journey onward to reach the unforeseen outcomes of conflict.

Wayfinders’ Legacy to ResolveBC